Sports Cards for Kids is a non-profit organization.

My name is Mitchell Kennedy, and I am currently a graduate student. I founded Sports Cards for Kids in October 2011. I loved to collect sports cards, and I wanted to share that experience with kids that would enjoy and appreciate them. The Boys and Girls Club, Presbyterian Children's Hospital, Brenner Children's Hospital, Levine Children's Hospital, The Children's Home Society, The Children's Home of Winston-Salem, and other various hospitals and organizations have been gracious enough to allow me to distribute cards.

Do you have any sports cards you are willing to donate?

I am looking for donations of any sports cards. Cards that are from 2015+ are preferred because the children are more likely to recognize the players. Donations can be dropped off at ScoreMore Sports which is located in Winston Salem, NC. 


Sports Cards for Kids is an official 501(c)(3) charity!


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